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    If you have friends or close relations impassioned by the knives and interested by our products, do not hesitate to recommend our site to them!

    It is enough for you only to indicate their co-ordinates to us. You will become thus their godfather.

    With the first purchase of each one of your godsons, we will offer to you 6 Euros !

    These Purchasing Coupons cumulate in your account and you can use them with your own way by deducing them from the amount of your next orders.

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    K Sabatier - THE Official Shop

    Did you know there are different Sabatier Brands ?

    "K SABATIER" GUARANTEES that our knives are EXCLUSIVELY Made in FRANCE by K Sabatier.
    Only K SABATIER Brand can claim over 200 years of Family history, from Father to Son without interruption, for the K Sabatier knives manufacturing.

    The Chefs' reference