1 Magnetic Blade Protector Small Model - BLACK - 2,5 x16 cm Béligné - 38250

Kitchen Knife - Blade Protection

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Magnetic Blade Protector
small Model
Color : BLACK
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You're afraid to put your knives in the drawer of your kitchen. You risk cutting, damaging the cutting knives.

You bring your knives with you.

We offer a practice and safe solution.

The magnetic shield case is a safe way to protect your blades when they are stored in your kitchen or when you are carrying.

The caskets can be cut to fit any length of knife blade. A folding mechanism allows you to easily open and close the case.

Magnetic blade guards have been designed to help maintain your knife's sharp edge so we recommend extreme caution at all times while using the product - particularly when handling or on insertion and removal of the blade from the guard.

Always make sure the blade is placed fully on the brown magnetic section and not overlapping the edges.

We recommend that you place the back of the blade facing the hinge to ensure the guard closes fully.

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