Slicing knives

Slicing knives
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With K Sabatier, guaranteed 100% French manufacturing
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Sabatier would not be Sabatier without the slicing knife.

It is a very important knife in French cuisine. But, he also knew how to adapt to international cuisines (Italian, Japanese ...).

After the paring knife, this is the second knife to absolutely have in your kitchen.

This style of knife should have a sharp, wide blade. It is rigid and a little thick. The size of the blade is between 15 cm and 25 cm.

It is often called a CHEF knife or CHEF. The chefs use it to cut the blades by making a pendulum movement. This technique requires a little practice, but it allows you to work the products well to have regular and thin slices.

CHEF knives are very often 100% forged. When forging the knife, a single steel bar was used to make the entire knife (blade - bolster - handle tang).

But we also offer a slicing knife from the 200 - 8 generations series whose steel with very fine grains is perfect for delicately cutting all vegetables. The curve of the blade allows for a very nice pendulum gesture. It will be for you a very effective ally for you will use daily.

With a slicing knife, you can:

  • thinly slice the vegetables
  • cut meat into cubes
  • cut vegetables
  • cut in half cabbage, watermelon, pineapple and other vegetables and fruits
  • crush a garlic
  • cut slices of meat
  • sliced vegetables

 Sabatier Chef Knife



The blade can be between 15 cm and 25 cm. For an amateur, a 20 CM CHEF is recommended as the first purchase. Professionals will prefer a 25 CM CHEF KNIFE.

Its handle allows you to have it in hand. Its strong blade on the back will help you force when necessary. Be careful never to work in torsion. The cutting work must be straight.

There are several ranges in which you will find a slicing knife: Authentique, Authentique 1834 Ltd, Bellevue, Proxus, Auvergne, Elegance .......

You can order a chef knife made with stainless steel, but also with carbon steel (note, this type of steel requires special maintenance).

Our Sabatier slicing knives will help you prepare your small dishes.