Le Thiers ®

Le Thiers ®
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The fruit of the shared endeavor of an entire profession, "Le Thiers ®" bears the name of its town, capital of the French cutlery industry.

Made by using state-of-the-art industrial techniques as well as irreplaceable ancestral know-how, this knife is vintaged at the heel and comes with a 5 years guarantee against all manufacturing defects.


Le Thiers ® knife was created to assure consumers that this knife was entirely made in the Thiers region in Puy-de-Dôme. The Le Thiers ® manufacturers have formed a brotherhood which manages and controls the production of Le Thiers ® knives.
Each manufacturer must offer the Brotherhood an interpretation of the original Le Thiers knife. Cutlery professionals, knife enthusiasts and journalists can then authorize this manufacturer to manufacture his Le Thiers knife or not.

So dozens of manufacturers offer Le Thiers ® according to its history, its experience, its know-how. We find artisanal, semi-industrial, very design or traditional Le Thiers ®, spring or liner.

Le Thiers knife


Now you can put a Le Thiers ® knife at the table. The design will be different depending on the manufacturer: Chambriard, Chazeau, Fontenille Pataud, Goyon Chazeau. The blade is made of stainless steel, the handle can be made of wood (olive, rosewood, ebony, amorous, rosewood, juniper, Norwegian birch ...), plexiglass or colored handle, steel raw, brushed.

You will find the Le Thiers ® table knife that will suit your table.

Dare the colors, buy the quality. A Le Thiers ® knife is traditionally made by passionate craftsmen. These knives will cross the times and will always be the privileged witnesses of your family reunions, of your everyday meals.

We recommend MADE IN FRANCE: for its proximity, for its quality, for our jobs, for our know-how.

The town of THIERS has a known and recognized history. We manufacture quality knives and all consumers recognize this. THANK YOU for your trust, thank you for our companies, thank you for our employees and our skilled workers.