Vegetable Knives

Vegetable Knives
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When preparing recipes or meals, the vegetable knife is very important.

Its blade should be pointed, wide. It will allow you to easily cut your vegetables and fruit in quarters, in strips, in cubes ...

The blades of vegetable knives are not very important: between 12 cm and 15 cm

For the 12 cm blades, we can consider that it is a large parer knife.

There are several types of vegetable knives:

  • large paring knife : generally 12 cm. Their blade is narrow and pointed.
  • traditional vegetable knives : about 15 cm. Their blade is wide and pointed
  • the tomato knives : approximately 13 to 15 cm. Their blade is toothed / serrated in order to delicately cut the vegetables without crushing them.

This type of knife will not allow you to peel your vegetables. For this, you will need to use a Sabatier paring knife. This will be especially the case for vegetables with a little hard like pumpkins.

They will help you cut your vegetables and fruit in half, in quarters, in cubes, in strips. These knives must be used in the traditional way by going back and forth.

As the blades of these knives are not large, they are very easy to use.

Vegetable Sabatier knife

We offer these types of knives in our different ranges of kitchen knives. We manufacture them in THIERS with stainless steel or carbon steel (beware, this steel requires special maintenance).


However, vegetable knives are not specialized in preparing vegetables. You can of course use them to cut other foods that do not require a blade length greater than 15 cm.

It will be necessary, from time to time, to think of sharpening the blade of your knives with a professional Sharpening Steel. If you do it regularly, your knives will always be well sharpened and ready to use for slicing, cutting, peeling.