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Hunting - Sport
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pocket knife designed for sporting practice is a tool that has to be reliable for the long term. That's why each of our hunting knives and fixed knives is entirely made in France, forged in a very high-end steel, and has a handle assembled by hand to guarantee a strong and durable cutting power, an absolute balance and an overall quality without concessions. These sports knives will accompany you in your hunting trips and other escapades.

Hunting knives

Generally, a pocket knife used for hunting is a large knife. It can be closing / folding or fixed. Its user can put it on his belt in a leather sheath in order to store it to avoid losing it. It is difficult to put a hunting knife in a pants pocket.


The differences between a hunting knife and a pocket knife are the size, the shape of the blade. The hunting knife has a more rounded blade in order to be able to cut game more easily. Some use hunting knives for a meal to cut a sausage or to eat.


The handle is more important than a traditional pocket knife. It is traditional to have a deer antler handle, but the wood is widely used for its manufacture. The blade can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel or damask for some.


couteau de chasse par Sabatier

Laguiole: a benchmark for hunting knives

A Laguiole knife can be a hunting knife. But, we notice that Le Thiers ® gives a particular style to the hunting knife. We also offer custom knives: unique pieces that can be made by several craftspeople like Manu Laplace 1515

Folding knife 1515 Manu Laplace