Pocket Knives

mini maxi
0€ - 5000€

Douk Douk Carbon - Cognet

42.00 €

Le Sphère Thiers - Facosa

43.00 €

Le Sphère Thiers - Facosa

43.00 €

Razor - Thiers-Issard

135.00 €

Le Thiers Trappeur - Chambriard

218.00 €

Le Thiers Trappeur - Chambriard

229.00 €

Le Thiers Trappeur - Chambriard

282.00 €

Accessories - Thiers-Issard

7.00 €

Le Thiers - Arbalète

1 320.00 €

Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

132.00 €

Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

132.00 €

Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

168.00 €

Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

168.00 €

Laguiole - Arbalète

199.00 €

Regional Knives - Arbalète

172.00 €

Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

130.00 €

Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

181.00 €

Laguiole - Dozorme

51.00 €

Roger Orfèvre

19.00 €

Roger Orfèvre

19.00 €

Laguiole - Dozorme

49.00 €

Laguiole - Dozorme

50.00 €

Le Thiers - Dozorme

49.00 €

Roger Orfèvre

19.00 €

Le Thiers - Dozorme

62.00 €

Swarovski Liner - Dozorme

65.00 €

Swarovski Liner - Dozorme

78.00 €

Liner - Wood - Dozorme

65.00 €

Le Thiers Grand Cru - Chambriard

157.00 €

Le Thiers Grand Cru - Chambriard

157.00 €

Le Thiers Grand Cru - Chambriard

187.00 €

Le Thiers Grand Cru - Chambriard

192.00 €

Le Thiers Compact - Chambriard

115.00 €

Le Thiers Compact - Chambriard

121.00 €

Le Thiers Compact - Chambriard

119.00 €

Le Thiers Trappeur Grand Cru - Chambriard

248.00 €

Le Thiers Trappeur Grand Cru - Chambriard

256.00 €

Le Thiers Trappeur Grand Cru - Chambriard

304.00 €

Laguiole Collectors - Fontenille Pataud

444.00 €

Laguiole Nature - Fontenille Pataud

495.00 €

Laguiole Nature - Fontenille Pataud

267.00 €

SABATIER AINE & PERRIER - www.sabatier-k.com is located in the French Capital of Cutlery.

Discover here our selection of folding pocket knives, small or large, Le Thiers ®, Laguiole or Brin d'Auvergne.

We have selected for you different French manufacturers of pocket knives. The range will expand over time to offer you the best MADE IN FRANCE products.


Buy a good pocket knife

You want to buy a pocket knife for everyday use, for a collection or to offer a family member, a friend, a working relationship.

So you have to find the ideal knife and think about different points.

Mini, small and large pocket knives

We wanted to differentiate 3 sizes of knives on our website: small, normal and large.

The majority of pocket knives are normal size. They can slip into a pocket, be used in a restaurant, at home, in the countryside, in the forest or during a campsite. The size of the blade is fine for use.

The small pocket knives are rather intended for women, children or to store it in a bag. The smaller the knife, the smaller the blade and the handle.

For large knives, the handle is much larger, and the blade larger. It will be more difficult to store it in a pants pocket. But its blade remains very efficient for certain occasions.

The handle

A pocket knife is usually sold by the handle. The material used is very important. For custom knives or collection knives, we select pocket knives for the beauty of the wood species used. We really like the veins of different woods like the olive tree, the pistachio tree ...

The blade

The blade is also very important. It must be well proportioned, but it must also be worked to be sharp and easy to maintain.

We offer blades in different steels: stainless steel, carbon steel, stainless damascus steel, carbon damascus steel.

Carbon steel is a bit special because it requires special maintenance. During its use or storage, it can change colors. This is a completely normal phenomenon. It is therefore more difficult to offer a pocket knife with a carbon steel blade than with a stainless steel blade.


Choose a knife from the product range

On our website, you can filter the products: large or small knife, the shape of the knife ( Le Thiers ®, unLaguiole, Custom ...), choice of handle, choice of blade steel, system closing ....

So, you can easily find your happiness among collection pocket knives, Le Thiers ® knives, Laguioles and other regional knives.

All the knives that we offer on our site are made in France. Le Thiers ® knives must be made in THIERS. This model is managed by the Brotherhood of the Le Thiers ® knife. Laguioles are made in Thiers or in Aubrac. You will not find import knives on models like the Laguiole.

Collectible and craft pocket knives

Have fun looking at the Collection / Arts knives, these are unique models made with knives passionate about the object. Each knife is made individually, so it is unique. We offer many handcrafted knives. They are floured in small series for cutler craftsmen. The French artisanal folding knife is of very good quality. It will be for you an ideal companion. You will be able to use it every day with great pleasure.

The luxury folding knife is no longer a collector's item, although many manufacturers hope that you will use it regularly because there is still a knife.

Why buy or offer a folding knife?

What are the advantages of a pocket knife?

It is very convenient to have a knife in a pocket or in a bag. The folding knife is very practical and safe when folded. It can easily slip into a pocket and used to open a letter, a cardboard, cut a rope. It is also possible to take it out to the restaurant to eat. Unfortunately, the cost of restaurants is poor in quality. Don't hesitate to use your knife.

Women can have a small knife in their purse. They can use it for a variety of reasons.

When hiking or traveling, it is always necessary to have a knife with you. A pocket knife that is foldable is easy to store.


But, pocket knives are also very beautiful. These are objects that we can show, collect so much they are diverse and varied.



There are simple but very efficient knives. Knives made with noble materials that we can buy for the beauty of the object. Complex knives are also offered on our site www.Sabatier-K.com from time to time, like secret knives.

The universe of the knife is part of our history, of the history of each of our French regions.