Presentation Sets

Presentation Sets
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Owning in his kitchen K Sabatier knives, it's enjoying a 200-year-old KNOW-HOW It is also the guarantee of a great brand that participates in the tradition and prestige of the French cuisine. For your guaranty, the blades of our forged knives are stamped "France - Thiers"

You wish to offer knives, we offer boxes with a selection of Sabatier kitchen knives.

In a box, you will find a selection with our bestsellers and essential knives for your kitchen. We also offer gift boxes, with a wooden block and 6 kitchen tools in each Sabatier range (Authentique - Bellevue - Proxus - Auvergne - Elegance):

  • Paring knife
  • Tomato knife
  • Chef knife 15 cm
  • Chef knife 20 cm
  • Slicing knife 20 cm
  • sharpning steel of 20 cm of wick with a forged base.

All of these products (knives - wooden block - packaging - oak box) are all made in the region of THIERS - FRANCE.

We also want to support you during your purchases on our website by answering your questions, emails and providing you with advice appropriate to your needs.

We are proud of our artisanal manufacture, our know-how, our family, our workers. We manufacture our products ourselves. We know them and can tell you about them.

In each gift box, you will find only knives and products that you will use every day for the preparation of a meal, a recipe.

If you later want to buy knives that are not in the gift boxes, you will have no problem completing your series. We have been present for 8 generations. We regularly manufacture all the series that we offer on our site.

Offer quality knives for a birthday, retirement, wedding, or yourself. Our knives are made to last and accompany you.

The quality of our Sabatier kitchen knives is very important to us - members of the Sabatier family. We manufacture 100% forged knives - a note which is written on the blade of our knives to guarantee their quality. All of our production is French, and Thiernoise (Thiers - capital of French and world cutlery). The mention MADE IN FRANCE is also written on the blade of our knives.

Paring Sabatier Knife