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The Laguiole knife, with its characteristic bee and its unsurpassed quality, has largely contributed to the renown of French cutlery.

Entirely made in Thiers, our Laguiole table knives embody the perfect material to combine tradition and cutting performance during each of your meals.

Whether you choose a steel handle for its practical size, or a wooden handle for its rustic look, our Laguiole knives guarantee you a unique pleasure during each use. The Laguiole knife has a special place in the French tradition and in the minds of people. Previously, it was very common to offer a pocket knife and often a Laguiole knife to a teenager for a particular event, or when a young man was leaving to do his military service.  Young scouts ogten had a Laguiole knife in their pocket wich allowed them to prepare food, cut their food, cut a rope, a branch and sculture a piece of wood. 

Lovers used it to write their initials in a tree trunk.  The men used it in their pocket for snacks and to cut a sausage and a piece of bread. 

Laguiole Knife


Currently, the pocket knife and the Laguiole knife can be taken out to eat in a restaurant, or to make a collection.  Do not hesitate to offer a Laguiole knife to a man, but also to a woman who can put it in her bag and can use it easily.  When you offer it, you should not forget to ask the person for the smallest part of their wallet so as not to cut friendship.  We offer Laguiole pocket knives from several manufacturers. All proposed knives on our website are manufactured in Thiers or in FRANCE. 


We have knives made in Aubrac : Laguiole d'Aubrac, made in Laguiole : Forge de Laguiole made in Thiers : Chazeau HonoréFontenille Pataud.  Some are simple, others are more sought after by the guillochage, the materials used for the handle, the steel of the blade :

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Damascus Steel
  • Special Steels

In all cases, it is importnt to be well informed before purchasing about the manufacture of the knives and their origins.  For Laguiole knives, its best friend and best enemy is Le Thiers ® knife.  Unlike its cousin, Le Thiers ® Knife has a manufacturing charter. It must be made in the region of Thiers No import is possible and this is verified by all of Thiers cutleries. 


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