Chazeau Honore - Thiers

Founded in 1854, Chazeau-Honoré had maintained its tradition of making hand crafted pocket knives, table knives, hunting knives...

The Coutellerie Chazeau Honoré is located at a place called Chailas at La Monnerie Le Montel.
The cutlery was founded in 1854.
Still a family business, Robert Chazeau and his two sons, Nicolas and Franck, currently manage the cutlery.
With the Chazeaux from a very young age, we have two passions: cutlery and hunting or… .. hunting and cutlery?

It is therefore not by chance that they combine these passions to create classic personalized knives, for example a laguiole or a Le THIERS® with a resin handle in which a painter's feather has been embedded or better THE painter's feather that the hunter sent.

Estaing LE THIERS® daggers also combine cutlery and hunting.
This cutlery also manufactures pocket knives, table knives and utility knives for Guyana with Guyanese wood supplied by their customers.

Even if they have three home assemblers, the Chazeau cutlery wants to remain as independent as possible, which is why they have the cutting, quenching, mounting, polishing, sharpening, engraving equipment within their premises.
This cutlery is proud to offer knives 100% made in Thiers, the capital of cutlery.