Beillonnet Robert Design


Alpin Design Robert Beillonnet

265.00 €

Laguiole 11cm Design Robert Beillonnet

255.00 €

London Design Robert Beillonnet

265.00 €

London Design Robert Beillonnet

298.00 €

Robert Beillonnet is a cutlery manufacturer,  known worldwide. He is twice Best Workers of France - MOF.

Robert likes to make regional knives such as Le Thiers, Laguiole, London, Seurre, l'Alpin ... He works with very noble materials such as damask, antler, bone, wood.

The knives presented under Beillonnet Robert Design are a collaboration with a PassionFrance company. The prototypes are made by Robert Beiilonnet. Specialized artisans will then make some small series under the authority of Robert Beillonnet

These are very beautiful models.

In this section, you will find regional knives whose prototypes, which made it possible to make a small series of knives, were made by the master Robert Beillonnet.

Alpine, Laguiole, Seurre, London are very traditional regional knives.

The sleeves are made in pure French tradition. The handles are in bone, in blond horn which has been selected for the beauty of the horn, in ram which will make your knife unique.

The guilloche is very worked on some. For others, we kept an unprocessed spring to have a very sober knife in the line and in its manufacture.

These knives are very beautiful and very effective. They will find a special place in your pocket, your bag or in your collection.