BJB - Thiers


Le Thiers ® Table par BJB

102.00 €

Le Thiers ® Table par BJB

125.00 €

Knife manufacture founded in 1948, BJB (Blettery Jean Bêche), is currently run by Marc Blettery. She is located at the foof of the Montoncel, in the Arconsat commune.

Le Thiers by BJB has clean, elegant and modern lines that come in a range of models and shapes intended for table cutlery or pocket knives.

BJB for Blettery Jean Bêche, a small hamlet near Chabreloche.
BJB was created in 1948 by Jean Blettery. While specialized in woodworking, the activity of the company evolves in the area of cutlery. Indeed, located on the Thiernois basin and the wood used for the handles of the knives, what could be more logical than to embark on the manufacture of knives.

The Laguiole, LE THIERS® which will be declined in LE THIERS® pocket, LE THIERS® classic table, LE THIERS® Country table with its more robust shape which gives it a more rustic look and finally LE THIERS® kitchen.

A variety of wooden and plastic handles in many colors have made this company successful for colorful tables.