Coursolle - Thiers

This family business created in 1945 has been run by Jean-Marc COUPERIER since 1988.

This knife manufacture has forged a worldwide reputation with its famous COURSOLLE knife and the elegant designs etched into its brass plates


History links two cutlery
In 1902 Léon Coursolle imagined a knife of a new kind. The handle of this knife will be made of stamped brass on engraved dies. He is the creator of the knives with subjects.
Its first brand "The wrench" will be deposited in 1905, followed in 1926 the deposit of 4 keys still existing to this day.
In 1945 Antonin Couperier founded the Coutellerie Couperier and specialized in the manufacture of pocket knives. His son Fernand joined him in 1947, he specialized in the manufacture of knife dies and took over the business in 1965.
In 1968 the Couperier cutlery took over the Coursolle cutlery and its famous carved solid brass knives with knobs.

The Couperier Coursolle cutlery was born.
In 1988 Jean-Marc Couperier succeeds his father and develops knives with brass handles, the main brand image of this cutlery.

In 1994, during Coutellia, he presented the Laguiole Coursolle with its brass handle.
Following the creation of the Thiers knife brotherhood, in 1995 LE THIERS® by Coursolle followed with a plain brass handle or hunter. THE THIERS® iconic knife of the world cutlery capital has its place in this historic cutlery.

The range of knives was enriched in 1998 with the Phoenix and then the fishtail knife following the acquisition of the Lacroix-Mary cutlery, a knife created in 1895 by Eugène Lacroix.
To celebrate 100 years of cutlery in 2002, a centenary box is published, 2 knives symbols of 4 generations of know-how.

Then collaboration with the Coutellerie Cognet Manufacture which discovered a matrix of the Napoleon knife, the CouperierCoursolle cutlery reissued in 2008 and in a limited series of 1,815 copies the Napoleon knife
In 2018, it was for the centenary of the First World War that cutlery reissued Le Poilu.