Perceval - Thiers


T45 - Perceval

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179.00 €

Le Français - Perceval

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Le Français Damascus - Perceval

409.00 €

Le Français Damascus - Perceval

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Le Français - Perceval

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Le Français Damascus - Perceval

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Le Français - Perceval

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L08 - Perceval

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Le Français - Perceval

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Le Français - Perceval

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L08 - Perceval

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Le Français - Perceval

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Le Français - Perceval

189.00 €

L'atelier Perceval is lucky to have among its cutlers an artisan who displays an unbounded passion for the knives that he creates. It is the expression of this passion, shared by our whole team that is driving our manufacture step by step towards benchmark status in terms of the high-end cutlery sector.

They are manufacturing le Français, le 888, and Le Thiers knives. 


The Perceval workshop is fortunate to have among its cutlers artisans who have an unlimited passion for the knives that come out of their hands. It is the expression of this passion, shared by the whole team, which gradually raises this manufacture towards the status of reference in high-end cutlery - an elegant product, with an efficient blade.

The 888 is "THE" quintessential meat knife of the brand. Sharp edge, good grip, ease of sharpening with a simple ovoid gun, it will delight your guests and elegantly dress your table.

French is a popular folding knife. The Knives, as the English say, is modern and can be used on all occasions.

Perceval has a very efficient, sober and elegant blade. The French model or the table knife have a fairly similar blade. It is made in thiers, as well as the handle. This product is very elegant. The blades can be damascus steel, or stock stainless steel. You can use its knives in your kitchen in complete safety. This is a small workshop that originally made Laguiole knives like many thiers cutlery.

Wood is widely used for knife handles. They sublimate the blades of table knives, like folding. Accessories are offered by Perceval as leather cases.

The 9.47 from Atelier Perceval was born from a simple idea: to manufacture a table knife with the same qualities as a closing knife. It is made to appeal to lovers of beautiful cuts and ergonomics, as comfortable cutting squid white as a thick shallot flank steak.

Simple and elegant, the Perceval 9.47 knife is illustrated by its pure and timeless lines, the sets of table knives are elegant and very efficient. Some see Japanese lines in the 9.47

The stainless steel blade of the products made in France from the Perceval workshop is known for their efficiency. Perceval also manufactures kitchen knives for chefs, folding pockets with liner lock. Perceval never wanted to make a laguiole or boker style folding scissors or knives, and other carbon knives like the kai for the chef, but some of these products can be assimilated as art knives with precise assembly. Their products - offered in a gift box in which you will find the essential accessory: a leather sheath - are known for their quality like locks.

The Atelier Perceval knife

Atelier Perceval manufactures knives in their workshop in THIERS. The Perceval knife is known and used all over the world for starred restaurants or not. Atelier Perceval does not just make table knives. He is also known for his model of French pocket knives by Perceval Thiers.

The Perceval Coutellerie workshop offers liner pocket knives combining ease of use, and materials used for the manufacture of the handle of incredible quality, a stainless steel or damask blade. . Perceval cutlery is now part of the Le Thiers knife brotherhood with its Le Thiers par Perceval model.

Perceval manufactures thiers knives.

The blade of the French or table knife can be in stainless steel damask. The handle is thin and fits well in the hand. It can be used in the kitchen as it is made from very efficient stock steel. The workshop no longer manufactures Laguiole, but this cutlery continues to select quality woods to enhance the blades of the knives, presented in a box.

The pocket knife is a very popular product, as are its accessories such as leather cases. This is a notch knife with ebony handle, made in France. Like Opinel and Victorinox, knife sharpening is essential and is very effective on perceval blades. Each model is presented in boxes. The folding knife from the Perceval range can be likened to an artistic knife, like some Japanese knife. This closing knife can be combined with a scissors on a desk.

The assembly of the blade of a Perceval knife is very efficient. These knvies can have as black ebony handle, juniper bur, pistachio, carbon fiber, olive tree. These pieces are popular with collectors and lovers of knives show. These products which combine iron and wood by a liner lock (boker style) can be a faithful friend during your kitchen preparations such as the kai chef or the sabatier kitchen knife.