Chambriard - Thiers


Le Thiers Trappeur - Chambriard

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Sheath - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Trappeur Grand Cru - Chambriard

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Le Thiers ® Table par Chambriard

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Le Thiers Grand Cru - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compagnon Carbon - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Grand Cru - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compact - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Trappeur Grand Cru - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compagnon Carbon - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Grand Cru Carbon - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Trappeur - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Grand Cru - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compact - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compagnon Carbon - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Grand Cru Carbon - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compact - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Trappeur Grand Cru - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Trappeur - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Grand Cru - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

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Le Thiers Compagnon - Chambriard

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Cutlery cutlery from father to son since the end of the 19th century, Coutellerie CHAMBRIARD embarked on the adventure of "Le Thiers ®" in 1998 with models that stand out for their forged spring heads receiving the emblematic "T" towards the handle.

The history of Chambriard cutlery

The Chambriard house is an institution of French cutlery.

The origin of the activity

From the 19th century, the Chambriard family had a forging activity in the vicinity of Thiers. It is in this Thiernoise mountain where the peasants became knife editors as soon as the sun went down that the Chambriard family wove their activity and knew how to develop during several generations

The different generations

After the first generation, it is the turn of Jules Chambriard, then André Chambraird, Georges and finally the sons - Philippe and Dominique - to develop the business, and the various cutlery activities of the family.

The post-war generations specialized in the manufacture of so-called monobloc table knives. This model was very fashionable after World War II.

In the 1980s, Georges and his wife Marie Jo, while continuing the activity of manufacturer, bought a cutlery store in the city center of Thiers. Currently, the whole family of Georges who work there: 3 generations in the service of beautiful cutlery. At this date, the Chambriard sarl or sas cutlery is developing abroad in order to offer their prestigious knives.

Positioning and know-how

The Chambriard sons - Philippe and Dominique - through the Thiers boutique, the very close links they have with the best craftsmen in their region and the creation of the Le Thiers ® knife brotherhood wanted to concentrate their activity by making pocket knives and table knives under the brand LE THIERS PAR CHAMBRIARD.

Their positioning is very high-end. The choice of steel, the selection of materials and the manufacturing are essential for their Le Thiers ® knife.
The knives by Chambriard are very pure, sober and absolutely efficient. They also manufacture stainless damascus blades. The handle leaves messages of professionalism, a location in France, a quality product, important data for consumers.

The table knife is very modern in its line and very traditional due to its manufacture, its guilloche and the wood species used.


Chambriard knives


This prestigious limited liability company manufactures knives under the Le Thiers ® label, managed by the Confrérie du Couteaux, which is a competitor of Laguiole.

Types of knives

Each pocket model has a name. The flagship model - traditional size - is called the companion. The one with a corkscrew is called the Grand Cru. The smaller model for women or to slip into a backpack is the compact.

The trapper will be for hunters or explorers of all kinds, as well as the Grand Cru Trapper.

The latest creation from Chambriard is the Marie Jo in memory of their dear mother who was an absolutely adorable and extremely kind woman.

Particularity of the knives


These men are real cutlers whose origins date back to the 19th century. Their production can only recall what our ancestors made. The knives therefore all have a spring system. The modernization of manufacturing, new materials and new steels allow them to manufacture extremely efficient pocket knives.

When you have a Chambriard knife in your pocket, you have a real knife made in France.

They also manufacture scissors or meat secateurs.

Via our website, our stock of products allows us to make very fast deliveries of these products with a very good quality / price ratio.

The accessory of these knives are the belt holsters which are very comfortable to wear.

Thiers and Chambriard are closely linked. This cutlery offers folding knives, kitchen knives, table knives, such as the preferred companion Laguiole. This sarl or sas company has not forgotten its roots and still offers carbon blades. The handle is the art of combining 2 materials - steel and a wood which dates back several decades for some.

Their Chambriard knives are synonymous with know-how, authenticity, localization messages, made in France, kitchen knives in stock.

Wood is a product widely used for the handles of Thiers by Chambriard, for the companion, the trapper, the compact. Stainless steel for the blades is really popular. On our website or our Clermont-Ferrand store, you can see it. Chambriard manufactures spring folding knives, unlike Perceval or certain cutlery in Nogent., Mongin
the LE THIERS inscription provides the guarantee of a FRANCE manufacture with stainless steel, damask, sea-finish blades, olive wood, juniper or carbon fiber handle.

The company is a real house whose data shows that this airlock company offers quality products, useful accessories, such as poultry scissors. The value for money is very good for their pocket products.
All Chambriard products are also available in our tableware shop in Clermont-Ferrand where you will find knives, coffee sets, folding knives like Nontron or Opinel know how to make them. Our prestige knives shop is open to you.