The 8th generation still manufactures the forged knives in Thiers : K SABATIER from SABATIER AINE & PERRIER.

Only the "K" in front of the name Sabatier does assure that the knives are produced from the real descendants of Philippe SABATIER, knife maker in BELLEVUE - THIERS at the beginning of the 19th century, who is at the origin of the success of the brand.

Sabatier is a very old knife brand whose origin is THIERS - Capital of French cutlery.

In order to give you an idea of the history of SABATIER AINE & PERRIER, the first generation got to know Napoleon. She settled at the top of THIERS, near the La Durolle river in order to use the current as a driving force.

The second generation bought a very old brand: the K.

The idea was to associate the Sabatier brand with a letter that could symbolize the knives:

  • K: Knife or Knives in English. The company wishing to develop internationally, the word KNIFE was very important to them
  • K: this letter may look like a multi-blade pocket knife that has partially opened


8 generations of SABATIER family

The company is therefore over 200 years old. It is currently run by the same family from the start. She went through very difficult times like the two great world wars. In turn, the leaders were soldiers, prisoners. They were bruised in their soul and flesh, but upon their return, family and business became the pillars of their lives.

We have inherited a know-how, a technology that we are improving day by day. The manufacturing techniques have evolved from the start, but we have always defended French know-how, French manufacturing and almost entirely from Thiers.

The company did not give in, unlike some. French manufacturing must remain the main objective of the company.

We do not import knives from another country to pretend that we are making them.

On our knife blades, you will find different indications which guarantee you several essential points:

  • our brand: SABATIER which is preceded by a K. Only this brand guarantees you that it is indeed one of our products.
  • the mention: Made in France - THIERS. This guarantees you to have a product made in France and more precisely in THIERS. The product is manufactured from FORGE at the last polishing in THIERS. We do not import semi-finished knives. The knife blank is made in a THIERS forge.
  • the mention: BY SABATIER AINE & PERRIER since 1834 reminds you that your knife is manufactured by our company and not by another. We are not importers, wholesalers, resellers. We are French manufacturers of kitchen knives.
  • the mention 100% FORGED or 100% Forgé guarantees the quality of our products. There are different ways to make a kitchen knife. Sometimes the knives look very similar, but the qualities can be completely different. ONLY THE MENTION 100% FORGED guarantees you to have a knife made in ONLY ONE METAL BAR which has been FULLY FORGED. There is no welding, so-called forge. Only knives that are 100% Forged have a FORGED BLADE. The others don't. Professional cooks know that the quality of the blade is paramount and that only a forged blade can give them full satisfaction.

BE VIGILANT and buy only knives marked SABATIER associated with the letter K.


Sabatier knife