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Laguiole - Dozorme

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Between tradition and modernity, the Claude DOZORME knife factory founded in 1902 by Blaise Dozorme then taken over by his son, known as "Le Loup" then his grandson Claude and most recently his great-granddaughter Claudine, has continued to sublimate a increasingly daring cutlery with avant-garde stainless steel knives with steel handles, and colors, folding pocket laguioles with wooden, olive, juniper, horn, stainless steel handles, snap closures, locks, with a clip unlike Opinel or Victorinox, shiny blades or with a black coating on the crmov blade, knives for hunting, cooking, kitchen accessories, elegant boxed products that are available in different styles, but still made in France like most of the brands available on our site.

The brand, shared in pure creation or reinterpretation of classic models, aims to manufacture knives adapted to the lifestyles of our time with the greatest respect for the cutlery tradition.

history of Dozorme


The history of the Claude Dozorme house begins at the beginning of the 20th century in the mountains of Thiers and more particularly in La Monnerie Le Montel Blaise Dozorme worked in a small workshop. His know-how prompted him to create his own workshop and become a very professional subcontractor in the eyes of his customers. He was nicknamed The Wolf, with his dominant temperament in common.

The third generation of this cutlery has been able to develop the house, the production and the brand by creating folding, hunting and kitchen knives, an innovative corkscrew or table and handles in tune with the times. The fourth generation has developed the company internationally and manufactures innovative lock pocket knives thanks to the arrival of laser machines which allow blades and handles to be cut to create an innovative closure available on several Thiers models. and Laguiole.

The type of knife

We offer Claude Dozorme folding knives on our website. These knives are liners - opening system without spring and with a stopper. The manufacture of the different parts of these knives is affected with a laser machine which cuts the steel to form the blade, the tang of the handle and the various elements of the knife. The company also manufactures table knives, and kitchen accessories with wooden handles such as olive trees, horn, table knives, kitchen knives, made in France, folding knives.

The creation of Dozorme knives is synonymous with modernization and design.


All the activity and manufacturing is done at La Monnerie in the Thiers mountain This factory whose know-how is maintained in Auvergne by workers specialized in polishing, mounting and assembly of folding knives, hunting knives with stainless steel, wood, horn, olive wood handles, is located around Thiers.


The history of Dozorme cutlery began in 1902. With his mastery of steelwork and wanting to take advantage of his knowledge, Blaise Dozorme set up a knife workshop at La Monnerie le Montel near Thiers.

Thanks to his professionalism, he is a notorious subcontractor for cutlery makers in the Thiers basin.

He is nicknamed "The Wolf" because of his dominant temperament, this nickname is at the origin of the emblem of the brand.

Valentin Dozorme takes over the small workshop and develops the family business in the Thiers cutlery fashion. His work was rewarded by a real boom in cutlery in the 1970s. He polished stainless steel blades, fitted handles in wood, olive, juniper, horn on these folding, hunting, pocket and kitchen knives. or table. Claude Dozorme and his wife Eliane then decided to invest in tools, innovate and market his knives under his name. The Claude Dozorme brand will see the light of day in the 1980s before the creation of a certain amazon. This factory offers deliveries to cutlery in France. Products like Capuchin, a competitor of a famous Opinel, are offered in order to offer products with a very good product quality ratio. Folding becomes important in the manufacture of this cutlery in France.

He was joined by his daughter Claudine, who took over the family business in 1991. The stages in the manufacture of knives and kitchen items remained the same, but she modernized the production tools. Their products are therefore exported all over the world and the price / quality ratio is very good.

The LE THIERS® pocket knife with stainless steel liner lock with a clip to hold it to the belt, a stainless steel handle and blade, Laguiole with different woods (olive, juniper), horn, leather, Capuchin, Corsica, Basque, the Capuchin competitor of Opinel and Victorinox, kitchen knives, table box, hunting knives, made in France, knives with closing mechanisms are all forms of knives made in this company, but the flagship product is the liner - folding knife - available in Laguiole and LE THIERS® versions.

Modern pocket knives (stainless steel blade and handle) would define the cutlery production of this family business quite well. The liner lock is a flagship product, it is in stainless steel or completely black. A box, a leather sheath make it possible to offer these products. Crmov steel is widely used. A clip or notch improves the use of this knife made in France. This product and its opening system are very ingenious and easy to use.
This factory does not use damask for these products, as Victorinox does for these items.

The offered knives are in stock and available, so their delivery is very fast, unlike on amazon. Accessories like holsters can be used to keep the knife on the belt.

Kitchen utensil boxes can be offered, but they are no longer available on our site, unlike other brands such as corkscrews, oyster knives, scissors.

The Dozorme cutlery is one of the brands of pocket knives (the liner lock closure with its notch) known and recognized by Thiers.

Dozorme manufactures knives including the knife imagined by Claude Dozorme de Thiers with a sleek handle, an efficient blade. The laguiole is a flagship product of the company with its liner blade, its stainless steel, this stainless steel folding pocket knife, this lock whose handles can be made of wood or horn. These models can be used to make a kitchen imagined in France. A folding with an olive wood handle, in juniper is always in stock on our site. Prefer a French manufacturer to order rather than Amazon.
The hunting cutlery, or for the table also manufactures accessories. The delivery of these folding products with competitive prices is a plus.

A black knife, with a leather sheath, a presentation box, a crmov blade, a clip, a notch, a quality product, a closing system, a damask lamas, after-sales service available, brands such as Opinel , Victorinox that push the cork with efficient corkscrews.