Dozorme - Thiers

Between tradition and modernity, the Claude DOZORME business, created in 1902 by Blaise Dozorme and passed down successively to his son, know as "Le Loup", his grandson Claude and then to the current owner, his great-grand-daughter Claudine, has built a strong reputation for innovative, tate-of-of-the-art knife designs.

The trademark business combines pure creation and the reinterpretation of classic designs making that fully suit modern-day lifestyles while staying true to traditional cutlers' techniques.

The history of Dozorme cutlery begins in 1902. With his mastery of steel work and wanting to take advantage of his knowledge, Blaise Dozorme set up a cutlery workshop at Monnerie le Montel near Thiers.
Thanks to his professionalism, he is a notorious subcontractor for cutlery in the Thiers region.
He is nicknamed "The Wolf" by his dominant temperament, this nickname is at the origin of the coat of arms of the brand.

Valentin Dozorme takes over the small cutlery workshop and develops the family business in the Le Thiers ® cutler mode. His work was rewarded with a real boom in cutlery in the 1970s. Claude Dozorme and his wife Eliane decided to invest in tools, to innovate and to market his knives under his name. The Claude Dozorme brand was born in the 1980s.

He is joined by his daughter Claudine who will take over the family business in 1991. The knife manufacturing stages remain the same but she modernizes the production tools.
LE THIERS®, Laguiole, Capucin, Corse, Basque, knives with mechanisms are all forms of knives produced in this company, but the flagship product is the liner available in Laguiole and LE THIERS® Knives versions.

Modern knives would pretty well define the knife production of this family business.