Koji Hara - Japan

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Koji Hara is Japanese. He was born in 1949 in Imari, a town in the south of Japon which specializes in Japanese porcelain.

To progress in his work and to make himself known, he has traveled a lot in Japan, Europe, the United States

In 1988, he began manufacturing his first knives. He was inspired by knives from Bob Loveless, one of the best American cutlery man.

In 1991, he wanted to organize a knife exhibition in Japan, in the city of Seki City. From that date, its products have evolved. They have become much more personal. He created his own designs, concepts.



In 1994, Koji Haja became a probationary member of the American Knifemakers Guild and, in 1997, he was able to become a voting member.

During this period, he participated more and more in very important exhibitions on knives, but also small shows in small cities in the United States, in Europe, and of course in Japan.

So collectors could get acquainted with Koji Hara knives in the design can be very special.

He has received awards such as the "Best in Show" and "Most Innovative" in several international fairs on collectible knives.

Koji Haja uses powdered stainless steel known as Cowry-Y. This steel is manufactured by Daido Steel in Japan. Thanks to this steel and its know-how, its blades have an excellent cutting edge and are polished to a high mirror finish. For hardness, it uses a specific heat treatment.

Koji also manufactures knives with steels such as: ATS-34, D-2, 440C and other steels.