Paring Knives / Parer

Paring Knives / Parer
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Sabatier knives are very diverse. There are different models of knives. The paring knife is a tool that all chefs have in their kitchen.

Sabatier knives are 100% forged from a single piece of metal. The knife is then worked, the handle is mounted and the whole knife is polished by specialized workers. All of our products are produced in the cutlery basin of THIERS - FRANCE

They are forged in one piece to have a good balance during their use.

The handle of a pantry is small in order to have this tool well in hand. The blade is close to the blade to be able to work the products correctly.

A Sabatier paring knife is a small kitchen knife whose blade must be short and pointed. Depending on the shape of the blade, a paring knife can be called a paring knife, stylus, bird's beak.

The first paring knife to have in your kitchen must have a pointed blade of about 9-10 cm.

You will use it to :

  • peel vegetables
  • peel a cucumber
  • cut small vegetables
  • cut string when preparing certain meats
  • cut paper for the preparation of your pastries

Some even use it at the table to have a chef's atmosphere.

When preparing a dish or a meal, you must use your paring knife. You must have it close to your work plan.

Also remember to maintain the edge of your paring knife. Use a professional rifle. Do not be afraid. It is very easy to re-sharpen a paring knife with a rifle. Do it calmly and regularly in order to maintain the edge of your knives.

Paring knives must be combined with other kitchen knives during a recipe, such as a chef's knife, slicer, a slicer, a boning knife.

To work on certain products, you may need to use 2 different knives, such as when cutting a ham: the paring knife will help you cut the rind of the ham, then you use your ham knife to make nice slices or chiffonade.

At the end, you will peel your apple or your orange with a Sabatier paring knife. And what a pleasure to use a cutting knife. You will not force, your apple will be perfectly peeled.


Sabatier Parer Knife