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The traditional knife is a knife that we use every day. The quality of some are known and recognized. Appreciate them, offer them, pass on our know-how.

There are several types of knives, several forms, whose blades differ in their design, steel, whose handles are very different in their form, the materials used.

You must use a pocket knife according to your activities, your needs.

To go to the forest, to collect mushrooms or chestnuts, to go hunting, for a snack with friends or to dine in a restaurant, you will not use the same knives.


Le Thiers knife

In certain circumstances, the knife must be of a certain quality at the level of the blade. The handle will be less important.

In others, you will have some pleasure in using a very well finished knife, which has been guilloche, whose handle is made of noble material.

A knife is a reflection of its owner at a given time.

For the mushroom picking or to open a box, you need efficiency, and not be afraid to damage the blade of your knife.

We love Le Thiers ® knives because it reflects our city, the capital of French cutlery.