Knives Storage

Knives Storage
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Knives Storage

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Knives Storage

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Knives Storage

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Owning in his kitchen K Sabatier knives, it's enjoying a 200-year-old KNOW-HOW You must also protect the blade when the knife is not used. We offer several solutions - depending of your kitchen or your cooking way


It is very important to store your knives safely and within easy reach.

When stored, a knife should not collide to avoid damaging its edge.

We offer different blade protections: a leather sheath for knives from the Authentique 1834 Ltd series and the 200 - 8 Generations series.

You can also find leather pockets to store and bring your favorite knives with you.

The wooden block is also very good because the knives are safely stored on a very stable support. The magnetic bar is also a very good solution. The magnets are strong enough to prevent the knives from slipping when in place.

Before storing your knives, remember to sharpen them so that they are ready the next time you use them. We recommend professional sharpening steels. Take a look at our selection of sharpening steel.

We also propose sabatier blocks