Slicing Knives / Slicer

Slicing Knives / Slicer
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All the chefs have a slicing knife in their kitchen, also called a slicer. Its blade is narrow in order to be able to use it easily during certain cuts which require following a bone for example.

It is available in stainless steel, or carbon steel. Please note, carbon steel requires special maintenance.

The chefs use several knives in the kitchen: the PARER knife for peeling, the CHEF knife for cutting food. The latter is used by going back and forth, but also from top to bottom. The chef's knife has a blade which is wide, so it is less easy to use it for cuts that require following a bone, as for the leg for example.

In this type of cutting, they use slicing knives, or a slicer, or a cutting knife.

Slicing Sabatier Knife

The blade of these knives is narrow. They are therefore easier to use and you can follow the curvature of a meat, or cut poultry very easily.

This knife is often associated with a forged Sabatier fork. We offer 2 types of serving fork:

  • bayonet fork, it has 2 fine teeth, elongated and parallel. It allows you to hold a piece of meat, to turn food in a pan or during a barbecue.
  • The curved fork, which has two curved teeth. It allows you to lift pieces of meat or poultry to place them on a work surface for example.

When a fork is associated with a slicing knife or carving knife, we call this set: Carving Set.

The elegance of the carving knife allows you to use this set directly at the table to cut a poultry or cut a leg in front of your guests.

Remember to maintain the wire of your Sabatier knives with a professional chopping rifle. It is important to regularly sharpen your knives so that they are always sharp. A knife that does not cut is a dangerous knife, because you will force to cut and you risk injuring yourself. Sharpening is not complicated. Just do it right and quietly.

Sabatier knives will satisfy you and will become essential tools for you.