Carbon Steel Knives

Carbon Steel Knives
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Carbon steel knives have a higher cutting power than knives made of stainless steel. In addition, maintenance of its cutting edge is easier, but Carbon steel requires special maintenance.

The cut of a knife made of Carbon Steel is very good. Its steel grain is very fine, which allows you to easily maintain the edge of these knives with a professional rifle.

By cons, maintenance is general a Sabatier knife made of carbon steel is more delicate.

Over time, the steel will change colors and blacken. It is a completely normal and harmless phenomenon. Watch out that the steel does not rust. For this, after washing (sponge and soapy water), it should be wiped off immediately. If you really want to protect it after each use, grease the blade.

A carbon steel knife should NEVER be put in a dishwasher.

After cutting acid fruits like tomato, lemon, the blade may change color. Wash and dry it immediately.

When cutting meat, there is no need to immediately wipe your blade. The blade fat will protect your knife.


We manufacture more types of carbon steel Sabatier knives:

  • paring knives
  • chef knives
  • vegetable knives
  • the slicers
  • the ham knife
  • boning knife
  • filet knife


Generally, these products are offered with black handles held by 3 brass rivets. We also offer the Au Carbone series with olive wood handles.

The olive tree is a natural wood which can move with time, humidity ... We advise not to wash the handle with large amounts of water. Take a damp cloth to clean your sleeve, then dry it.

Sabatier in Bellevue is the birthplace of the Sabatier family. For 8 generations, we have been making kitchen knives for chefs, kitchen professionals and food lovers.


Our production is entirely made in THIERS - FRANCE. We are proud to offer 100% Forged knives.

Do not be mistaken :

  1. if the mention 100% Forged is not mentioned on the knife blade, you are not guaranteed to have a forged knife and a forged blade.
  2. if the mention Made in France is not written on the blade of the knife, the manufacturing is surely different and the manufacturer or the importer does not wish to give you this information.

Sabatier - Made in France - 100% forged

 Our company has the EPV label - Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant - If you want to buy a quality Sabatier kitchen knife, it is best to buy it from our family, via our website

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