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Regional knives represent our regions. They are also traditional knives


Among the different models of regional pocket knives that we offer, you can find here our range of Brittany knives. Gwalarn or Dorry, so many atypical pocket knives and despite everything deeply rooted in an ancient tradition. All of these knives are manufactured to high quality requirements, by French artisans rigorously selected by us.


Our range of pocket knives from the Alps region perfectly respects the ancient tradition in which it is written. Our Alpine knives and our Le Savoyard knives are thus forged by French craftsmen, in quality steel and according to proven methods. You will thus have a pocket knife that is both authentic, efficient and with a certain aesthetic.

See also the Auvergne knives Brin d'Auvergne


Sabatier K offers you its range of Norman knives. Discover a selection of Normandy pocket knives, perfectly faithful to the local tradition, and forged by French craftsmen rigorously chosen for their expertise in the matter. These Norman knives will allow you to rediscover the charm of this region through an elegant, very authentic and perfectly functional piece.


Similar to the shepherd's knife, the Corsican knife is generally used for hunting. Synonymous with robustness and rusticity, the blades of this pocket knife are made of very high-end steel. Discover the list of Corsica pocket knife selections made by Sabatier K.