Le Thiers ®

Le Thiers ®
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The fruit of the shared endeavor of an entire profession, "Le Thiers ®" bears the same of its town, capital of the French cutlery industry.

Made by using state-of-the-art industrial techniques as well as irreplaceable ancestral know-how, this knife is vintaged at the heel and comes with a 5 years guarantee against all manufacturing defects.

A Thiers knife must be made in THIERS. Le Thiers ® knife are 2 inseparable words. This is the reason why the Le Thiers ® Knife Brotherhood was created in order to manage the manufacture of a Thiers pocket knife by known and recognized manufacturers like Le Thiers ® by ChambriardLe Thiers ® by Chazeau Honoré ....

Many customers are lost and do not know where to buy Le Thiers ® knife. For us, the concept of "knife making" is decisive. We have been a cutlery from Thiers for 8 generations, over 220 years of history. It is important for us to offer only folding pocket knives made in France. The Le Thiers ® knife is a good example, because if you want to buy a Le Thiers ® knife, a brotherhood manages and guarantees its manufacture in Thiers. There are different ranges of pocket knives, made by different manufacturers in Thiers, the prices of Le Thiers ® knives are very wide. The higher the price, the more work is important in its manufacture.


Le Thiers ® folding knives are of very good quality. Several systems are used for manufacturing: spring system, liner system, ferrule system ...


Le Thiers Knife

The French Le Thiers ® knife is recognized worldwide for its quality and originality, because the artisanal Le Thiers ® knife has been exported to Europe, North America ...


Sabatier K had stopped manufacturing pocket knives to concentrate on manufacturing kitchen knives. But in recent years, we have started manufacturing Auvergne Le Thiers ® knives: Brin d'Auvergne.

Sabatier K: a cutlery in historic Thiers

The city of Thiers is turned towards cutlery. In each street, each village around Thiers, it is possible to find a cutlery, a cutlery workshop, a person who works in a cutlery.

To make a knife, several trades are necessary : 

  • the forged man or the steel supplier
  • the temering man which will give a certain hardness to the steel
  • the grinding man to give a cutting angle to the blade
  • the supplier of plastic, wood, bone, and other very special materials
  • the polisher
  • the editor

But let's not forget also all the companies which are necessary for cutlery, but which do not manufacture knives or parts for knives: packaging; designers and marketing companies, web designers ...

Currently, THIERS has large cutlery stores, but also small workshops which manufacture specific products. THIERS is the capital of Cutlery which has a certain history which we can discover by visiting the Museum of Cutlery, or the Coutelia fair which takes place every May in THIERS. The Valley of the spinning wheels is also very interesting because we find the work of yesteryear with these spinning wheels which were from workshops near the Durolle river in order to use the hydraulic force to turn the machines.

THIERS is a historically cutlery city. But it is also a knife known worldwide.