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Chef Knives
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The Chef knife was designed by the first generation of the Sabatier de Bellevue family. With his experience as a cutler and frequent traveler, Philippe Sabatier knew how to design the perfect knife for all chefs and cooks.

Its blade is pointed, wide and rigid with a slightly thick back. It must be sharp, strong, with a very good balance.

The Chef knife is the essential knife for making all cooking recipes. It will also serve you during your pastry preparations.

It is made of stainless steel which requires very little maintenance. It will be necessary from time to time to sharpen it with a professional rifle.

We also offer it in carbon steel: this type of steel requires significant maintenance. The steel will change colors which is a normal effect when the knife is used. Never leave it wet. Rifle maintenance is also necessary and very easy on a carbon knife.


All chefs around the world use a chef's knife. It is even the first knife they bought at the start of their training.

Our Sabatier chef knives are 100% forged in order to achieve a very good balance between the blade - the bolster and the handle of the knife. They are of course entirely made in THIERS - Capital of French cutlery.

These chef knives have a large pointed and wide different lengths ranging from 13 cm to 35 cm depending on the ranges. It will be necessary to adapt the length of the blade in relation to its user and its use.

Generally, cooking enthusiasts have Chef knives whose blade length ranges from 15 cm to 25 cm. Professionals and chefs can go up to a blade length of 35 cm.

Sabatier Chef knife

With a chef knife or Chef Sabatier knife you can:

cut vegetables in half
cut pieces of meat
cut vegetables into cubes or strips
cut roast slices
It is a very easy to use knife. Enjoy your meal !!!!!