Boning Knives

Boning Knives
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The Sabatier boning knife is widely used in kitchens. It is a small, handy knife with a very narrow blade.

The boning knife is very elegant in its design. The blade forms an S and is very practical in cooking. It is used to cut red meats with a bone. The blade of the boning knife is rigid and narrow, so it goes everywhere, while remaining a strong, sturdy knife.

You can also use it to cut small poultry, as well as to eat at the table to eat very good red meats such as beef.

The Sabatier Boning Knife is also very handy and will often stay on the worktop to have it close at hand.

It is normally held with the blade down. The hand holds the handle as if we wanted to plant the knife in a piece of wood. This position allows you to be stronger when cutting a piece of beef with bone.
It will be kept like a kitchen knife for the most delicate and daily cuts in a professional or non-professional kitchen.

Remember to regularly sharpen your boning knife with a professional sharpening steel that you will find on our website. Like all kitchen knives (paring knife, chef's knife, slicer, as well as steak and table knives), regular sharpening helps maintain an always perfect edge.