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With K Sabatier, no surprises on quality and French manufacturing
The Unique K Sabatier
These knives are Made in France
Artisans who manufacture in France
Heritage Company : French manufacturing

Owning in his kitchen K Sabatier knives, it's enjoying a 200-year-old KNOW-HOW It is also the guarantee of a great brand that participates in the tradition and prestige of the French cuisine. For your guaranty, the blades of our forged knives are stamped "France - Thiers"

After investing in high-end kitchen knives, it is important to maintain them and make a suitable sharpening for each knife. A sharpening steel is the best way to maintain its quality in the long term. For the sharpening of your knives, Sabatier offers you its choice of rifles, sharpeners and stone to sharpen your knives while guaranteeing you the same manufacturing requirements as for all of its other products. Thus, our sharpening steel are entirely made in France and display the quality of a real professional tool.

Always choose a professional rifle to sharpen Sabatier knives. The hardness of the rifle's wick is very important. Its steel must be harder than the steel of the kitchen knives you wish to sharpen.

Our rifles are manufactured in THIERS with the best steels. You can therefore use them to maintain your kitchen knives.

We offer several types of handles that can be combined with the different Sabatier ranges that we manufacture and offer:

  • Authentic range - black handle with aluminum or stainless steel rivets
  • Bellevue range - black handle with aluminum or stainless steel rivets
  • Proxus range - black handle with aluminum or stainless steel rivets
  • Auvrgne range - stamina wood handle with brass rivets
  • Elegance range - stamina wood handle with aluminum rivets
  • Carbon range - black handle with brass rivets


We also offer rifles with diamond coated bits. Rather, it is a finishing or regular maintenance rifle.


The gesture to sharpen a knife with a rifle is quite simple:

  1. you have to do one face after the other and repeat the operation several times
  2. slide the edge over the rifle as if you wanted to cut the rifle wick with your knife
  3. first press to remove material
  4. then slide the blade gently over the sharpening steel
  5. After a few round trips, your Sabatier knife will be operational again and very sharp.

Regularly sharpen your knives with smooth blades.