Oval Steel 10 in - Black Plastic Handle

Fischer-Castet - Thiers

Professional kitchen knives

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10" Oval Steel

  • Made in Thiers (France)
  • Professional Tooling
  • High Quality Steel


The sharpening rod, manufactured in high-carbon steel, is tempered providing much greater hardness than knives. The handle is made of Black Plastic. Standard cut, anti oxidizing coated blade. Guaranteed hardness: 62 HRC From start to finish, we garantee that all our operations are performed in the Thiers region in FRANCE by skilled workers to ensure a professional quality craft finish. Use it regularly to maintain the edge of you knives (not for toothed blades). Caution, the sharpening steel is manufactured using high-carbon steel. Never leave it wet or put it into a dishwasher.


By Blade Size
7 - To 8 2/3 - 10 1/3 in (22 - 26 cm)
By Using
14 - Sharpening
By kind of Handle
02 - Black Plastic
By kind of Steel
4 - Carbon Steel
17 - Sharpening Steel
03 - No
Black POM
Rockwell Hardness
From 62 to 64 HRC
Blade Size
10 in (25 cm)

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