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Garden / Kitchen / House
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It is very important to have quality products or tools to work in your home, office, garden.

We offer different types of products that you can use in your home.



In this section, you will find different products that we manufacture in Thiers.

An oyster knife or oyster lancet: these items are used by professionals for effective opening, nutcrackers, cheese knives, knives and spatulas for your pastry, spreaders, secateurs for cutting poultry, a tool for cutting our favorite sausages, paring knives


We offer pruning shears in stainless steel or carbon steel. These are professional tools. These items are made in the Thiers region.

We also offer accessories or spare parts.

You will also find sabers that we manufacture in carbon steel. The handle is made of wood, held for three rivets. These tools are easy to use in your garden, in the forest, for brushcutting.



In Thiers, we also manufacture scissors or letter openers. They are elegant, and very well made. These items are managed by the brotherhood of Le Thiers ® knife. This guarantees the provenance of this product: Thiers, the capital of French cutlery.



The Corkscrew is an essential accessory for your kitchen. The wicks of these items are very effective. The materials for the handle are often natural woods (olive, juniper, ebony, rosewood) or blond and black horns.