Bush Knife 60 cm (blade) - CARBONE Steel K Sabatier - Thiers - Sabre60

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Bush Knife
Blade of 60 cm
Carbon Steel
Made in FRANCE

  • Made in Thiers (France)
  • Carbon Steel



Bush Knife for clearing brush - Sabatier Knife

60 cm Blade

Carbon Steel

Beech handle with care and 3 rivets

60 cm for the Blade

17 cm for the Handle

Total Length : 77 cm

Blade Width : 3,4 cm

Steel Thickness : 3,8 mm

The K Sabatier Sabres are manufactured with Carbon steel.

They are soaked and ground over the entire width of the blade.

Easy to maintain, you can use them to clear brush.

SABATIER AINE & Perrier is a family business for 8 generations. Specialized in the 100% forged kitchen knives
manufacturing, all of its production is made in FRANCE.


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By Blade Size
3 - Big Knife
By kind of Handle
27 - Other Woods
By kind of Steel
4 - Carbon Steel
Natural Wood
Blade Steel
Carbon Steel
Blade Size
60 cm
Blade Width
3,4 cm
Total Dimension
77 cm

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