Stainless Steel Knives

Stainless Steel Knives
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0€ - 5000€
French made
With K Sabatier, no surprises on quality and French manufacturing
French manufacturing
French made
A guarantee of a 100% Forged knife
Professional knives for your kitchen exclusively French manufacturing
Artisans who manufacture in France
exclusively French manufacturing
Artisans who manufacture in France
exclusively French manufacturing

Sabatier knives are mainly made of Stainless Steel. They can thus be used in a professional kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen knives require much less maintenance than Sabatier knives made of Carbon Steel.
You will have no risk of rust. Your knife will always be ready for use.

Stainless Steel Sabatier knife

You will of course have to maintain the edge of your knives with a professional rifle. The gesture is simple to learn. Take the time to do this because it is much more pleasant to use a knife that cuts than a knife that does not cut. In addition, it is less dangerous because you will not force to chop fruits, vegetables or meat.

We offer several ranges in stainless steel:

  • Authentique range with black handle
  • Authentique range with olive tree handle
  • Authentique 1834 Ltd range - black handle and leather sheath
  • Bellevue range - black handle
  • Proxus range - black handle
  • Auvergne range - stamina wood handle
  • Elegance range - stamina wood handle
  • 200 range with a G10 handle

In each range, you will find the knives you will need for the preparation of your recipes and meals:

  1. paring Sabatier knives
  2. chef Sabatier knife
  3. Slicing Sabatierknife
  4. Filet Sabatier Knife
  5. boning Sabatier knife
  6. ham Sabatier knife
  7. salmon Sabatier Knife
  8. Carving Sabatier Set

Our manufacturing is exclusively French and our knives are 100% forged.

Sabatier manufacturing

Be careful and ask for explanations on the manufacture of the knives, their quality and the origin of these products.

At Sabatier in Bellevue, we keep the same manufacturing policy as our ancestors. For 220 years, we only manufacture kitchen knives in THIERS. We do not import semi-finished or finished knives from low cost countries.

All of our production is done at THIERS.

Our quality is 100% Forged. It is the only quality that guarantees that the steel has not been welded and that the blade is well forged.

You will find the 2 mentions "100% Forged" and "Made in France THIERS" on our Sabatier knives.

Our EPV label - Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant - is also there to guarantee that we work with specialized and passionate workers.

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