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santoku knives sabatier
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Explore Culinary Excellence with Sabatier-K Santoku Knives

Welcome to Sabatier K, your destination of choice for exceptional knives that combine the century-old tradition of Sabatier and contemporary culinary innovation. Discover our extensive range of kitchen knives, featuring the Santoku, a versatile knife, ideal for cutting your ingredients with precision, style and efficiency: the Santuko Sabatier knife

Santoku Honeycomb Sabatier: The Quintessence of Cutlery

Among our jewels, the Sabatier honeycomb Santoku knife stands out for its exceptional marriage between tradition and modernity. Its stainless steel blade is forged with meticulous precision, ensuring smooth and precise cutting for all your kitchen needs. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip, making this knife the ideal accessory for demanding epicureans and kitchen professionals.

Important accessories to complete: stainless steel bread, 10 cm long board

Engraving is available for this product. Easy maintenance, French finish, efficient sharpness, in stock

Tradition and Innovation: Ideal Forged Sabatier

Explore the rich history of cutlery with our Sabatier Forgé Ideal range. Each knife is forged with the ancestral know-how of Thiers, combining the honeycomb blade with the modernity of stainless steel, creating an unrivaled cutting experience. These knives, French finish, effective sharpness, in stock, are not content to be simple kitchen utensils; they are also elegant works of art that enhance the charm of your table.

Fast Delivery of Your Kitchen Utensils

We understand the importance of receiving your kitchen utensils quickly. This is why we guarantee fast and reliable delivery of your Sabatier-K knives. Get ready to transform your dining experiences by ordering now. Whether you are a cutting enthusiast or a seasoned professional, our knives are the ideal tool for cutting your vegetables, meats, fish, and much more (before cooking or after cooking food). French finish, efficient sharpness, in stock

Accessories to combine: sharpening steels, 10 cm long board, stainless steel bread for easy maintenance

Santuko Sabatier: The Art of Cutting with Style

The Sabatier range embodies the art of cutting with style. Each knife is more than just a kitchen tool; it is a statement of elegance and sophistication. From chef's knives to dimpled Santoku knives, each blade demonstrates the superior quality of dimpled cutting, delivering exceptional culinary results with every use.

Choose Excellence, Choose Sabatier-K

Whether you're a passionate professional or a home chef seeking perfection, our Santoku knives and kitchen utensils are designed to meet your highest expectations. Explore our complete range of knives on our website and discover how to combine tradition and innovation in your kitchen.

The Blade, Heart of Excellence

The blade of a knife is the heart of its excellence, and at Sabatier-K we pay close attention to every detail. Our honeycomb blades, whether on the Sabatier honeycomb Santoku or in the Forge Ideal range, are designed to offer optimal performance. The dimples make it easier to separate food from the blade, reducing friction and allowing for effortless clean cuts. Whether you're cutting fresh vegetables, delicate fish fillets or tasty cuts of meat, our dimpled blades ensure unparalleled precision with every movement. French finish, efficient sharpness, in stock

The Magic of the Handle

The handle of a knife is the connection between the user and the blade, and at Sabatier-K we understand its importance. The ergonomic handles of our knives provide a comfortable grip, allowing total control over each cut. Whether you're preparing a quick weekday meal or crafting a gourmet feast on the weekend, our knives are designed to give you an unparalleled cutting experience.

Its handle allows you to hold this knife, the blade of which has a length of 17 cm.


sabatier santuko

The Know-How of Thiers: An Ancestral Tradition

The history of our knives dates back to the town of Thiers, the cradle of French cutlery. Each knife in the Forge Ideal range is forged with artisanal know-how passed down from generation to generation. This ancient tradition blends harmoniously with modern techniques, creating knives that are both iconic and innovative. At Sabatier-K, we are proud to perpetuate this tradition, by bringing the refinement of French cutlery to your kitchen.

From Service to Table: Incomparable Aesthetics

Our knives are not just kitchen tools, they are aesthetic centerpieces that add a touch of sophistication to your table. The Sabatier range, with its elegant designs and impeccable finishes, is designed to be displayed with pride. Each knife tells a story of craftsmanship and passion, making your culinary space a place where functionality meets aesthetics.


sabatier santuko

The Informed Choice: Sabatier-K and the Ideal Forge stainless steel Range

Choosing a Sabatier-K knife means choosing excellence, innovation and superior quality. Whether you opt for the Sabatier Honeycomb Santoku or another gem from our Forge Ideal range, each knife is the result of meticulous attention to detail and a passion for the art of cutlery. We believe that every dish you prepare deserves to be crafted with tools that embody perfection.


Kitchen Utensils: More than Just a Knife

Sabatier-K offers a complete range of accessories, kitchen utensils, ranging from chef's knives to paring knives in lengths of 7, 9 and 10 cm, stainless steel bread