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Block Knives
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A block piece for professional cutlery kitchen knives allows you to store your tools safely, have a knife handy and gives a professional look to your kitchen.

You do not know where to store your cutlery knife, we offer a selection of set blocks with the essential kitchen knives to be able to cook every day. The storage is perfect.

Sabatier block Knives Set

In our blocks you will find a selection of Sabatier knives. Its boxes or sets are made up of 6 stainless steel parts:

  • a office knife
  • a tomato knife 13 cm - 5 inch - serrated blade
  • a chef's kitchen knife 15 cm - 6 inch
  • a chef's kitchen knife 20 cm - 8 inch
  • a slicing knife 20 cm - 8 inch
  • a 20 cm sharpener - 8 inch - to maintain the cutting edge of the blade of the knives

All knives are made in THIERS FRANCE with stainelss steel. 
The kitchen knives are 100% forged. The blade is therefore forged which guarantees a very efficient cut - edgekeeper.

Which Sabatier cutlery range for your professional kitchen knives block set


We offer several blocks with knives of different ranges in stainless steel :

  • Authentic Sabatier range: stainless steel, black plastic POM handle, aluminum rivet. Also called ideal series
  • Bellevue Sabatier range: stainless steel, black plastic POM handle, aluminum rivet
  • Proxus Sabatier range: stainless steel, black plastic POM handle, aluminum rivet
  • Auvergne Sabatier range: stainless steel, wood handle, brass rivet
  • Elegance Sabatier range: stainless steel, wood handle, aluminum rivet

Chefs can use these kitchen knives very easily and safely. The storage is very important in a kitchen. You need to put our blocks in your bags. Triple pieces : wooden block, kitchen knives, sharpening steel. 

The shipping / delivery is very fast because all our products are in stock at affordable prices.
The quality is at the rendezvous and the value for money is excellent. You will receive with its sets of knives which will be essential accessories for your kitchen. Professional quality utensils.

The tripe pieces of the knife (blade - bolster - tange) are forged in one piece of steel 

The block can be an essential accessory. A high quality piece of knife is important for your kitchen. It allows you to store your kitchen knives safely. Stainless steel is great for everyday cooking. You will have the view of the best qualty knives.

It's the tripe quality view : 100% forged - Made in France - Sabatier Brands

In our Sabatier cutlery blocks / storage, you will find 5 pieces of cooking knives and a sharpening steel to keep the edge of your high quality knives. 

It is very important to store a knife safely. It is best to always store your knife so that you are safe when you put your knife away and when you go to pick it up.

The accessories of these kitchen blocks can be various with high - top quality knives : bread knife, sole fillet knife (ideal for fish), a fork to hold meats and poultry when you are going to cut them. The steak knives are also very important. You need to have the same quality for your steak knives than your kitchen knives 

Please do your order on our website and not with Amazon, Wayfaire. It's more important to work directly with us than with Amazon, Wayfair. Please Stellar is not our brand. The cutting edge is very different. 
We have nothing to do with these different names. Our kitchen set is made in France - high pro quality 


Sabatier knives

Our professional stainless steel sabatier knife blocks are available immediately, as they are all in stock. In addition, the delivery is free. Our sabatier stock is sufficient to meet all your requests, because we manufacture the knives ourselves: paring knives, carving knives,

Shipping / delivery is free, offered; and very fast because our knives are in stock. In the reviews of our customers his sets are very popular. They are presented in a gift box. These kitchen knife sets are of high quality. The 5 pieces of cutlery knives, the sharpening steel, edgekeeper is a view of quality

The Sabatier kitchen knives set that you will find with us are all 100% forged (one piece of steel) and entirely made in THIERS FRANCE. Our boxes are also made in Auvergne and not internationally.
With our cases, cases, sets or professional cases, you receive professional quality knives made by enthusiasts.
Our steel is stainless. The reviews of our customers are very favorable to us, and the free delivery offered is a plus.

Do not forgot than your steak knives can complete your Sabatier cutlery kitchen knives block. It's important for North America Customers. 

North american area need to complete the knives block with steak knives. It's the top of the high quality. 

You need to put in your bags all these sets knives. 

The sharpening steel is important to keep the edge of the blade of your knives - Sabatier brands