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A pocket knife can also be a high-end knife, and that's the spirit of our selection of Prestige pocket knives. Whether by their craftsmanship, by the particular quality of the steel used for their blade, or by the exceptional nature of their handle, these knives have in common manufacturing requirements among the highest, which make parts particularly admirable.

In this section, you will find a collection knife, an art knife, a knife These knives are unique pieces.

Some names: Graveline, Robert Beillonnet, Raphael Durand ....



Collection Knife

If you wish to acquire an exceptional pocket knife, our range of art knives will certainly meet all your expectations. Forged by hand, traditional or original, each of these knives is a unique piece designed by art cutlers having obtained the precious title of Best Craftsman of France, in order to guarantee you an absolutely exceptional piece without any equivalent.



A collection knife can be a craft knife. The collector can look for traditional forms. The artisanal cutlery produces small series of pocket knives. Sometimes we even offer limited series for a French artisanal folding knife.

A craft damascus blade knife is a very good choice. The damascus blade makes its unique knife an artisanal LE THIERS ® knife.

We also offer art collection knives. These collection knives are made by art cutlers. Passionate about the folding knife object, they work the mechanism, the handle, the wood or other materials. They are sometimes carved, guilloche.


Many amateurs, collectors of art knives.
Our range of exceptional knives will meet the expectations of the most discerning cultelluphilists.
Art knives are entirely forged or cut, blunt and polished by hand. Some are made by cutlers having obtained the precious title of MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France)

Their forms are only limited by the artist's imagination: from traditional knives such as LE THIERS®, Laguiole, regional knives, Vendetta, Yssingeaux, to knives with square shapes and futuristic creations. of these cutlers who thus create their style. The names of these knives are as imaginative as their shapes, it can be a nickname in memory of a friend, a contraction of the name of two knives, a subjective name, a humorous name, etc.

These art cutlers are enthusiasts who like to share their knowledge with each other and pass on "little tips" from cutlers. They also appreciate the contact with cultelluphilists, explaining to them how the knife was born. It is a common passion between those who create and those who crack.

The art knives are unique examples: even if the shape and the size remain the same, the realization is a restart.
Art cutlery is to cutlery what known and recognized painters are to painting.
They embellish the profession and guarantee it its letters of nobility.
Thanks to them we have sparkling eyes and they have not finished surprising us with their creations.

thanks to them