1515 Impala Horn - Bolster 1515 Manu Laplace - Thiers - 40246

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Impala Horn - Bolster Handle
19C27 Sandvick
PVD finishing Blade
Manu Signature
  • Made in Thiers (France)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Leather
  • Custom Product
  • High Quality Steel
  • Black Horn Handle


Impala Horn Handle - Bolster
19C27 Sabdvick steel
PVD finishing Blade
Inside Drawings
Manu Signature

Total Dimension : 20 cm

Blade Length : 9 cm

Blade Width : 2,1 cm

Manu Laplace is the 5th generation of knife makers. He learnt his job in learning different techniques (woodworking, watchmaking, jewelry and knife making)

He created in own pocket knife : 1515. He customs it with different materials for the handle and different steels for the blade. The knives are had-chased with precision. He know the bronzing technique (as for the shotgun)

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By Blade Size
2 - Normal Knife
By kind of Handle
30 - Horn
By kind of Steel
1 - Stainless Steel
By Opening System
2 - Liner
Customize blade
Customize handle
Piece Number
1 - 1 blade
Black Horn / Blond Horn
System Lock
Liner Lock
Blade Steel
Sandvik 19C27, PVD Stainless Steel
Blade Size
3 1/5 in (8 cm)
Blade Width
0,83 in (2,1 cm)
Total Dimension
8 in (20 cm)
Leather Pocket

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