1515 Manu Laplace - Thiers


1515 Inox - Manu Laplace

880.00 €

Manu Laplace is the 5th generation of cutler. He did his apprenticeship by learning the techniques of cabinetmaking, watchmaking, jewelry and cutlery.


He did not choose to make Laguiole knives from another age or kitchen knives, his own Le Thiers knife,he created his knife: "the 1515", which he customizes according to the wishes of his customers with different materials for the handle, different steels for the blade. He is a past master in guillochage, tanning of steel (shotgun style). Messages are inscribed inside the handle of the knife to give it an even stronger symbol.

He manufactures pocket knives and hunting knives under the 1515 brand, as well as accessories such as cases for these folding knives. It is also possible to put your collection of 1515 folding knives in wooden boxes.



The 1515 knife is a philosophy of life. The price is secondary because they are art knives. Each period of his life, activity can be accompanied by a 1515 customs knife. Manu Laplace is an ingenious and dreamer who stages these knives as an artist would stage a story, a book, a play. The manu laplace knife can and should be used. It will grow old with you and will accompany you in Aquitaine on horseback, on route 66 riding on your Harley Davidson motorcycle, or in Africa in a canoe attacked by crocodiles, or quite simply during your work and your meals with friends. Messages of hope, travel, adventure, the 1515 does not play in the same court as an Opinel or some victorinox knives sold on amazon.

Manu does not make laguiole, kitchen knives, but folding knives in which you can find a message, a quote. The location of its manufacture is in France, on the Thiers basin. His workshop makes extraordinary products, artistic knives that can be used every day, in restaurants, on the hunt, at the table. You can slip it into a bag with your clothes and some cookies to go on an adventure or to the office. one to use as a letter opener, the other as a tool for hunting like nogent knives - this knives is perfect.

Like the perceval knives, the 1515 can be combined with scissors on a desk to open an envelope, cut a page in two.

The sale and purchase of these outdoor or indoor knives are simplified on our website. The delivery of these items is made with your payment confirmation.

the 1515 knife, which is perhaps a descendant of the famous douk douk folding knives, knives from nogent and elsewhere, will depend on the materials used for its manufacture. The blade can be stainless steel, carbon, damask, damask made by another artist. The handle can be in times, in wood, in synthetic. All parts of the 1515 manu laplace knife can be worked

It is not uncommon to see a used 1515 knife.

The delivery of these items is very fast.


1515 is the knife.

Manu Laplace knives have a handle and a blade that symbolizes adventure. It is one of the essential accessories during our trips. This folding made in thiers can sublimate your collection of knives whose handles are made with precious woods, a stainless steel blade.

The price doesn't matter because behind every 1515 there is a story. It is an art knife with often damask blades. This cutlery works with steel like the big names in Laguiole. Manu cooks timeless woods to make his pocket knife, his folding hunting knives. They are sublimated in boxes bearing messages of know-how and elegance.

You will not have an Opinel in your hand, but a 1515 with a buffalo handle that came out of nowhere.

The location of the manufacture of 1515 folding knives is of course France and more particularly Thiers - capital of French and world cutlery.

This workshop makes amazing products that are not seen on amazon. It will be your favorite companion, like your old, impossible-to-throw garment. It will be your Proust madeleine, or your homemade cookies. This ancestor of the douk or the knives of nogent will be your companion from Monday to Sunday.

THIS IS THE KNIVE, said one of my clients, fans of perceval and ciseaxu of all kinds.

The sale and payment of these products is made via page 1515 Custom knives. The purchase is very easy for these outdoor knives. The delivery is secure. These items should not remain inside a cabinet or drawer. They should be used every day instead of your vicotrinox.