1515 Manu Laplace - Thiers

Manu Laplace is the 5th generation of cutler. He did his apprenticeship by learning the techniques of cabinetmaking, watchmaking, jewelry and cutlery.

He did not choose to make his own Le Thiers knife, he created his knife: "le 1515", which he customized according to his customers' wishes with different materials for the handle, different steels for the blade. He is a master in guilloche work, the tanning of steel (shotgun style).

He manufactures pocket knives and hunting knives under the brand 1515.

The 1515 knife is a philosophy of life. Each period of his life, activity can be accompanied by a 1515 customs knife. Manu Laplace is an ingenious and dreamer who stages these knives as an artist would stage a story, a book, a play. The manual knife can and should be used. He will grow old with you and will accompany you in Aquitaine on horseback, on route 66 riding on your Harley Davidson motorbike, or in Africa in a canoe attacked by crocodiles, or simply during your work and meals with friends.


the 1515 knife: it will depend on the materials used for its manufacture. The blade can be stainless steel, carbon, damask, damask made by another artist. The handle can be made of wood, synthetic. All parts of the 1515 manu laplace knife can be worked

It is not uncommon to see a used 1515 knife.