Arbalete - Thiers


Laguiole - Arbalète

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Regional Knives - Arbalète

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Le Thiers - Arbalète

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Created in the nineteenth century, the earliest date known to date of the mark Arbalet dates back to 1810.

Since the creation of the crossbow company G. David in 1922, three generations of master cutlers have succeeded one another.

Crossbow G. David is the reference in terms of creation and design with the Janus de l'Industrie.

The whole of its range is produced in the region of Thiers, guaranteeing a 100% French manufacturing.

Only the sharp knives of the crossbow on the blade are the real Laguiole G. David knives manufactured by the manufacture G. Balbalète David in Thiers. Other brands and resellers use the name "David", we invite you to be vigilant.


Genès David de Granetias founded his company in 1922. He took over the Arbalète brand, registered in 1810, which belonged to one of these ancestors.

He mainly manufactures regional knives such as le Thiers, Pradel, Yssingeaux, Aurillac, London…
But Genès David is particularly fond of the Laguiole which he developed more and more from 1930. This will be worth the brand to be known for its laguioles and Aveyron or laguioles of the poor (the Aveyron is a laguiole without flies).

His son Jean-Louis succeeded him and considerably developed the production of Laguiole in the Thiers basin. The range of laguiole knives is taking off.

In the 2000s, the company developed its range of knives with LE THIERS®, the Crossbow, sommeliers and exceptional knives.
In …… .. the company Arbalette G. David is bought by Honoré Durand de Laguiole and its new name will be Laguiole Arbalette G. David which establishes the reputation of this company in the universe of Laguiole.