Chevalerias A.


Saint Guilhem

124.00 €

Saint Guilhem

128.00 €

Saint Guilhem

135.00 €

Saint Guilhem

124.00 €

The Chevalérias company was created in 1945 by Alphonse Chevalérias. His son Alain and then his granddaughter Janine took over the reins of the business and his great grandson worked in the business.

Chevalérias knives are entirely made in the Thiernois cutlery basin.
The range of knives offered is vast: LE THIERS®, Laguiole, many regional knives such as Le Saint Guilhem, Montoncel, Alpin, Aurillac, Roquefort, Le Poisson, Langres, Violin, Yssingeaux , the London.

Their knives are very qualitative, with a very nice finish. The knives have a spring system, the springs are guilloche, the handles are made of wood of different species, in black horns, in blond horns. The opening is very easy and the blade made of high-end steel is for you a knife easy to use, and very effective. They are manufacturiong Le Thiers Knives with a lot of horn or wood handles. 

It can be used every day: at home, at the office, at the restaurant, during your walks in the forest or in the countryside.
He will be an ideal companion.