Douk Douk - Thiers (Cognet)

Business since 1902, the Cognet company has been boasting a worldwide reputation for its famous DOUK DOUK. 

Pierre Cognet, the company's current CEO and a founding member of the Couté de Tié Guild, produces his "Le Thiers ®" by adapting the DOUK DOUK blade model to the patented "Le Thiers®", i.e. in the purest illustration of the cutlers' tradition, achieving a product that is unique in the knifemaking trade.


A house founded in 1835 and a family business since 1902, Cognet cutlery is known worldwide for its famous DOUK DOUK.
Pierre Cognet, current manager of the company, is a Companion from the very start of the Couté de Tié Brotherhood. If its blade of "Le Thiers ®" reflects the originality of DOUK DOUK, the knife itself is a "Le Thiers ®" in the purest tradition
The douk douk knife is one of the benchmarks for French cutlery. It is simple, functional, and can be used for DIY, hunting, hiking, picnicking. The douk douk knife can be a very good companion when hunting mushrooms.
In general, the cognet knife is synonymous with Thiers cutlery tradition. Cognet cutlery is an institution that manufactures all these douk douk knives, the Le Thiers ® knife in a picturesque street in the upper town of Thiers. The words we can associate when we talk about cognet cutlery are douk douk history knife.
Buy a piece of history, buy a douk douk from the house of Cognet.