Remaud Jean-Michel

Jean-Michel Remaud is a French cutler.

He makes barrel knives with his very special opening and closing system. It is a knife of Swedish origin.

This very specific closing and opening system was invented by Jakob Walfrid Engström in 1874.

According to a very ancient tradition, Swedish fishermen during long waits on boats, made toys for children with pieces of birch. They also knew very well how to sculpt them. They also made knife handles for Swedish fixed blade knives.

Jean-Michel Remaud took over the operation of the barrel knife which is very simple, very practical and reassuring.

The folding knife and the handle are in two parts.

When closed, the knife is inserted into the handle. It is held in position by a small metal strip which acts as a spring.

To remove the knife, simply pinch the spring and pull the knife.

It is then possible to open the knife and reposition it in its handle.

All knives bear the JMR mark on the blade.