Lyonel Lataste

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Lyonel Lataste is a cutler from the Landes girondines.

His first job is farrier. He thus practices daily the forge to iron them to shape the horseshoes of horses. He started making his first knives by forging the horn graters he used for his craft. Once used, they were used to shape his first knives.

After several conclusive tests, he became more and more interested in the world of the knife.

A meeting with Raymond Rosa, famous blacksmith and creator of knives, allowed him to initiate him in the forge, the manufacture, the polishing, the assembly of folding knives. He was also able to work on damask with Raymond Rosa, a great specialist in this art.

Upon returning from his internship, he began to supply the art of blacksmithing and the production of closing knives.

His first knife is called the Bazadais. Then, he created the Ou Paloupayre, the Woodcock, the Lataste .....