Goyon Chazeau - Thiers

Denis Goyon has always advocated a hand-crafted, high-quality manufacturing based on ancestral techniques, wich makes each article he turns out very nearly unique.

The GOYON-CHAZEAU knives are life guaranteed and fit for handing down from one generation to the next

Solange Chazeau and Gabriel Goyon created the Goyon Chazeau cutlery in the 1950s.
Solange and Gabriel are home polishers for different cutlery, they specialize in the high-end. But there are many who offer this service, so Solange and Gabriel decide to complete their know-how and they choose the welding of stainless steel.

Thanks to this specialization, which until then had not existed in cutlery, their activity became more and more flourishing.

The family grew in 1956 with the birth of Denis. He grows up in the middle of the boxes, the blades and the advancing age he helps his parents more and more. He ends up mastering all the steps involved in making knives and welding steel. Passion won him over and in 1973 he joined family cutlery which is still mainly a subcontractor for major clients.
His wife Christine joined him in the knife-making adventure in 1978 and 10 years later, his parents disappeared to let him manage the business.

Christine and Denis decide to diversify the activity to cope with the difficulties that have arisen following the emergence of the Asian market.

In 1992 they launched the all stainless steel laguiole, it was a success and they therefore decided to develop the Goyon Chazeau brand. When LE THIERS® was born in 1994, Denis worked on a LE THIERS® model forged entirely in stainless steel, it was validated by the Jurande in 1995. Their catalog enabled them to participate in the Maison et Objet fair.

In 2000 Denis expanded his range with Styl'ver®. Then come the LE THIERS® pocket knives and the LE THIERS® kitchen knives.

In 2011 their son-in-law Vincent Soucille joined them and it was in 2017 that their daughter Magali, with 12 years of experience as marketing and communications manager, took over the family business.
The penny born from Magali and Vincent the 750.