Sabatier Knives

Sabatier Knives

Les gammes de couteau Sabatier

Our selection of Sabatier knives


Authentique - Olive

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Authentique - Olive

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Authentique - Olive

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Authentique - Olive

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Au Carbone

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Au Carbone

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Au Carbone

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Au Carbone

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Tous les couteaux de cuisine

Sabatier knives have accompanied chefs around the world since their apprenticeship. Sabatier kitchen knives are also the preferred tools for cooking enthusiasts. You will find the knife you need. Sabatier knives are entirely forged from a single piece of metal and entirely manufactured in Thiers - France

We are the Sabatier family. For 8 generations, we have been manufacturing in THIERS 100% forged kitchen knives and entirely made in THIERS.

The information on our knives guarantees the quality of our Sabatier knives:

  1. 100% Forged: with this mention, you can be sure that this knife is well forged in a single piece of metal.
  2. Made in France - THIERS: with this mention, you can be sure that this knife has been entirely made in THIERS

Sabatier Chef knife

PLEASE NOTE: for your information, if these details are not written on the blade of your knives, or on knives seen in stores or websites, it is obvious that the manufacturer or importer does not wish to communicate on QUALITY and on the ORIGIN of their products. The blade is therefore not forged and the manufacturing is not French.

Find all the knives by range and a selection of the most famous Sabatier knives. It is possible to choose a whole set from the same collection or mismatched. Sabatier kitchen knives are for chefs and individuals.

We manufacture several ranges of Sabatier knives:

  • Authentique Range with different types of handle (black plastic, olive tree, stamina): this is the company's historical series
  • Bellevue : a more massive series
  • Proxus: a series whose handle is larger in size than the Authentic series
  • Carbon with different types of handle (black plastic, olive tree)
  • Auvergne: a series with a stamina wood handle
  • Elegance: a very elegant, high-end series
  • Authentique 1834 Ltd: a very efficient range
  • 200 series - 8 generations: the best of the best for a kitchen knife


In each series, you will find the knife or knives that will be a privileged partner:


We also offer sets, gift boxes.

Each knife can be personalized: it seemed important to us to propose the personalization of the blade, as well as the handle.
In a professional kitchen, each brigade staff must recognize these tools so as not to confuse them with those of their colleagues. Personalization helps avoid confusion.

In addition, when you offer a knife to a relative or friend, you can personalize the knife with a message. The person who receives the knife as a gift will only be touched by your attention.

If you have any doubts, you can contact us. We are in Thiers, sometimes behind our machines to make knives. We know what we are talking about and we can advise you.


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