Authentique - Olive

Authentique - Olive
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0€ - 5000€

The best kitchen knife with an olive handle from Sabatier K. Offering a kitchen knife is a fantastic gift

The Authentique serie is also available with an olive wood handle.

The Sabatier  knives are fully forged from a single piece of metal. Our specialized workers work in a very traditional and artisanal way. The handles are made of real olive wood to give a note of authenticity to our kitchen knives.

The quality of the cutting edge is always there. The handle will give you a feel for traditional as the black plastic handles.

We prefer to advise you never to put the handle in water to avoid that the wood does not absorb water which could make it work, and change its color. Clean the blade with soapy water without touching the handle, then clean the handle with a slightly damp cloth. Immediately dry the knife.

In this range, you will find the main knives that you will use in your kitchen:

  • paring knives - young and old
  • slicing knives
  • chef's knives
  • slicing knives or slicer
  • meat and vegetable knives
  • the hams
  • salmon knives
  • boning them
  • the cutting knives
  • service forks - curved or bayonet

You will also need to maintain your knives by avoiding water for the handle, but also maintain the edge of your knives. Do not hesitate to use a sharpening steel. The technique seems complicated. It is simple in fact. We must make a correct gesture. Speed is not a source of perfection.

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