Fish Knives / Filet Knives

Fish Knives / Filet Knives
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There are several types of fish knives:

  • filet knife : these are the best known. They have a narrow and flexible blade. The flexibility of their blade makes it possible to lift fish fillets. But it is also a very sharp knife given its manufacture.
  • salmon knives: these knives have a long narrow, pointed blade and very often air pockets.
  • some kitchen knives are fish knives. They have a wide blade and often alveolate to form air bubbles between the blade and the fish so that the latter does not adhere to the blade. These knives are used to make slices of fish. They cannot be used to lift the nets.
    Sole fillets are very specific knives, but they can also be used to cut other delicate foods.

This type of knife is very sharp, because during its manufacture, we had to remove material, steel to give flexibility to the blade. The blade is therefore thinner towards the edge compared to the razors which have a rigid blade.

The cut of the sole fillet is therefore much higher.

This Sabatier filet knife can be used for cutting sliced meats for example, vegetables, fruits.

The cutting edge must be regularly maintained with a professional rifle. The sharpness of the cutting edge will sharpen the sharpening. You will very easily find a very efficient cut.

We offer sole fillets in several ranges:

  • Authentic range: stainless steel, black plastic handle
  • Authentique 1834 Ltd: stainless steel, black plastic handle
  • Authentique Olivier range: stainless steel, natural olive wood handle
  • Bellevue range: stainless steel, black plastic handle
  • Proxus range: stainless steel, black plastic handle
  • Auvergne range: stainless steel, wooden stamina handle
  • Elegance range: stainless steel, stamina wood handle


  • Carbon range: carbon steel, black plastic handle
  • Olive Carbon range: carbon steel, natural olive handle
  • 200 series: special sandvick steel, black G10 handle, incredible flexibility.

Sabatier Filet knife