Pro Chef' Sets

Pro Chef' Sets
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French manufacturing
K Sabatier guarantee of French knives
1- The Unique K Sabatier
Our Sabatier knives are the unique K sabatier products made in France from 8 generations
The Unique K Sabatier
Made in France
Artisans who manufacture in France
Heritage Company : French manufacturing
Professional knives
With K Sabatier, you are guaranteed to buy a French-made knife. Why hesitate?

Owning in his kitchen K Sabatier knives, it's enjoying a 200-year-old KNOW-HOW It is also the guarantee of a great brand that participates in the tradition and prestige of the French cuisine. For your guaranty, the blades of our forged knives are stamped "France - Thiers"

This set of high quality professional kitchen knives is made in France and will allow you to have the best equipment in your kitchen. Because the practice of his passion or his profession involves the selection of tools of choice, a knife set from one of our boxes will surely meet all your expectations. With a set of professional kitchen knives of professional kitchen knives, you will have the essentials for cooking.

A kitchen knife set will allow you to have a set of knives that you must have in your kitchen.

A battery of knives is a selection of kitchen knives with which you can work and cook with confidence. You don't need a very large set of knives to cook with passion. A kitchen knife set is often composed of a paring knife, a kitchen knife, a slicing knife, without forgetting the essential professional sharpening steel.

At Sabatier, you can acquire a set of professional kitchen knives made up for you of various knives from our artisanal manufacture. Whatever the professional knife set, it will take a prominent place in your kitchen.

A professional knife set or knife set is often purchased by apprentice cooks during their training. If the knives are of good quality, they will keep them for a very long time.

We try to supply you with sets in each range of kitchen knives that we manufacture in THIERS. Thus, you have for your kitchen a set of Sabatier knives which are 100% forged and entirely made in France for specialized and passionate workers.

It is important to have in your kitchen several types of knives because each knife has its importance:

  • paring knives for peeling
  • chef's knives for cutting
  • the slicers to slice certain meats and poultry
  • filets knives for fish
  • the sharpening steels are necessary for the maintenance of your knives.

A Sabatier kitchen knife bought on our site is timeless, and you will use it for years.

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Make no mistake: the quality 100% forged and known and recognized by chefs around the world. French manufacturing is a guarantee of quality.

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