Bread Knives

Bread Knives
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Sabatier bread knives have a narrow blade with teeth to make beautiful slices of bread.

For all breads, country breads, baguettes, bread pies, sliced breads, you will find at Sabatier a suitable bread knife.

Generally, the blades of bread knives measure between 20 cm and 23 cm. This allows us to be as efficient as possible when we cut the breads.

For the smallest breads, it is possible to use a tomato knife which is a tooth knife. It is also possible to use ham knives with teeth for very large breads, but also for baking.

Our Sabatier family in Bellevue manufactures knives fully forged from a single piece of metal. The mention "100% Forgé" is written on the blade of our knives to guarantee it.

Without this mention, you will not be guaranteed to have a fully forged knife with a forged blade. The quality of the cut will be lower.

All of our knives are made in THIERS. The mention MADE IN FRANCE - THIERS guarantees it.

Without this mention, you will not know where your knife was made.

Our company has obtained the EPV label - Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant - This label allows you to make sure that our knives are made by passionate workers.

Help us to communicate on MADE IN FRANCE, on the quality of our Sabatier knives not to be confused with other SABATIER brands.

To allow you to keep your bread knife for a long time, cut your bread on a wooden board.

Sabatier Bread Knife

We offer several bread knives in different ranges:

  • Authentique
  • Authentique olive wood
  • Authentic 1834 Ltd
  • Proxus
  • Auvergne
  • Elegance

You will find the bread knife that will meet your expectations and your kitchen.