Meat Knives

Meat Knives
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Our house Sabatier is specialized in the manufacture of kitchen knives 100% forged, and therefore in the manufacture of kitchen knives for meat, meat knives.

There are several types of meat knives:

  • wide blade knives: the length of the blade is from 15 cm to 35 cm
  • narrow blade knives: the length of the blade is 15 cm to 30 cm

 These knives are very practical because they will be for you a privileged tool for cutting meat.

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For boneless cuts of meat, you may prefer the wide blade knives. They will be a help because the width of the blade will facilitate you to obtain a clean cut, from top to bottom. These are knives that are very strong.

For more delicate cuts, such as cutting a leg, you will need a knife with a narrow blade. Your narrow knife will help you follow the movement of the bone and therefore obtain a thin slice from end to end, which will be impossible with a wide blade knife.

For cutting poultry, such as chicken, turkey, it is more common to have a carving knife. Its blade is a little more elegant and even narrower than a slicer.

Authentic Sabatier knives

This type of meat knife is very often associated with a fork, whether it is bayonet or curved. The fork will allow the meat to be well presented to have a perfect cutting angle, to maintain the meat, and to present the slices in a dish.

Also note that you must regularly maintain the edge of your knives. For that, do not hesitate to buy a professional rifle. It is an essential tool in your kitchen. You will use it to sharpen your paring knives, your chef knives, your carving knives.

Take the time when sharpening, slow sharpening is as effective as fast sharpening.

So you will fully benefit from the performance of your Sabatier knives.