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The VINTAGE AU CARBONE is a SPECIAL range. Carbon Steel has a unique cutting power BUT, with time, the steel will change colors AND there is a risk of rust if maintenance is not done correctly. This Sabatier range is for CARBON knives AMATEURS.


Professional kitchen knives with carbon blade

Previously, all kitchen knives were made and forged in Carbon steel. Now, it is a production intended for connoisseurs or lovers of cutting a carbon knife.

When we remember the kitchen knives that our grandmothers used, we remember knives with black blades. They were made of Carbon Steel. It is a very traditional steel. When forged, the grain of the carbon steel becomes smaller and smaller. This is what allows it to have a very strong cutting power if the various stages of manufacture are well carried out.

Maintenance is also facilitated given the fineness of the grains. A professional sharpening steel allows to maintain the wire without any problem and very easily.

Difference with a Stainless Steel blade

The big difference of a professional carbon steel kitchen knife compared to the same stainless steel knife is its cutting power and its ease of maintenance. But, over time, its use, water, the acidity of fruits and vegetables, carbon steel will change colors. This is a completely normal and risk-free phenomenon. It will therefore be necessary to pay attention and have a specific maintenance so that the steel does not rust.

Lovers and chefs wanting to use a carbon steel knife are fans of this series.

the different types of carbon steel knives


Sabatier K is a family house which has been manufacturing carbon steel kitchen knives for 8 generations in THIERS - FRANCE. We offer a very wide range of carbon steel kitchen knives: paring knives, chef's knives, slicers, sole fillets, carving knives, meat knives, boning knives.

We also offer kitchen knives in carbon steel and olive wood handles: Au Carbone - Olivier

and old carbon knives which were produced by the 6th generation of the family: Antique Carbone K Sabatier